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    Billys is for all! It is designed for every “member” of the building. It is a technology platform that enables building managers and owners and residents to settle their financial obligations between them and between the vendors that provide building services.

    Easy! Users who don’t have access to a smartphone or computer, will keep receiving their service charges printed out and they will pay the building manager in the same way they used to before. The property manager will be responsible to register their transaction in the online platform. The property manager will be in charge to register their transaction in the online platform.

    The building’s reserves and the payments are held by a well known Greek Banking Institution which is under the supervision of The Bank of Greece.

    After the first 2 months of free trial, a monthly fee is charged for the use of the platform. Depending on the plan, its cost can be less than 1€ per apartment.

    The building manager, with the help of Billys’ support agents, will input all the details for the building and its apartments on the platform. As a next step, online invitations will be automatically sent out to all owners and residents. Billys is now ready to use!

    Billys is not the traditional building management company. It is an online tool that empowers users to self-manage their building in a very simple way.

    The apartments with overdue bills will appear on the platform with their previous balance. These users can make an agreement with the property manager and pay in installments or use their credit card to decrease their debt and finally pay off.

    Billys is designed to use your building’s reserves in the best possible way to help you avoid delayed payments. In case some of the residents do not pay on time for their service charges, Billys will initially alert them through automatic reminders and then inform them of the consequences for non-payment. If the issue persists, Billys can in cooperation with its legal team take necessary legal action at an extra cost.