Our mission

We aim to empower tenants around the world, to take control of their buildings and enable them to live together harmoniously, while saving time, cost, and effort.

How it started

In 2020, Panos, the founder of Billys, moved to a new apartment. A month later, the building manager asked Panos to meet him at his apartment and pay him for the building expenses in cash. Panos asked around and quickly realised cash payments for service charges is the norm and problems like, lack of transparency, reporting and coordination are very common in Greece and worldwide.

He brought together a team of experienced people that shared similar experiences with their buildings before and set out to create a solution. One year later Billys, a vertical SaaS platform for building management, was born.

When it launched in October ‘22, it immediately caught the attention of investors and industry leaders, securing funding from real estate and VC powerhouses like Lamda Development and Genesis, as well as angel investors.

Today, Billys continues to grow and shape the way buildings are managed, changing how people live together for the better.

Our values



If we don’t regard others, they will not respect us, and if we don’t respect ourselves, we won’t be regarded by others.



As a team we strive to be transparent internally and externally.



We focus on people without thinking of ethnicity, age, sex, or disability.



We stay as a team in success and failure.

Meet the team

Panos Riniotis


Rania Ntouliou

VP of Product

Petros Theocharous


Tina Boulougoura


Maria Keleki

Product Design

Eirini Politi

Customer Success

Kostas Melampianakis

VP of Engineering

Gogi Hatzichristos

Front-end Engineer

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