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How many apartments in your building?

Annual plan

8,99€ / month / building
107,88€ / year

V.A.T. included.
Commit annually. Pay monthly.

Included in the plan:

  • Building bank account and debit card
  • Fully accessible reserves and transactions
  • Automated calculation of service charges and issuance
  • Distribution of service charges through email and SMS
  • Printable service charges
  • Automated reminders for service charges payments
  • Online voting
  • Access to building documents

Add-on services

Charged on top of the platform subscription cost.

Full service building management

Selected partners undertake the full management of your building.

from 40
Monthly plan

Building manager liability insurance

Insurance coverage for bodily injuries and property damages in the common areas of your building.

from 40
Annual plan

Common building areas insurance

Insurance coverage for property damages in the common areas of your building.

from 90
Annual plan

Legal cover for overdue debts

Collaborating lawyers undertake all necessary actions to claim overdue debts.

from 100
Per case

Insurance for overdue debts

Insurance coverage for delayed payments of service charge

from 110
Annual plan
*V.A.T. included.
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