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Calculation and issuance of service charges

With Billys, you simply enter the expenses of the building each month, and Billys algorithm does its part by automatically calculating all the amounts due for each tenant and/or owner. Issue service charges with just one click and get the summary of service charges ready for printing.


Automated notifications for the issuance and reminders

Have you issued service charges? Billys sends notifications directly to all registered users of the building via email/sms, along with the payment link. If payments are not settled promptly, automated reminders will be sent, so you will not have to deal with it again.


Tracking debts and payments

Do not get lost in your notes. See in detail who, when, and for which period is an individual paying. The owner/tenant makes their payment online, receives their receipt, and you can directly see the payment settled within the platform. Concerning cash collection, you manually enter the payment, and the digital cash wallet is automatically updated.


Monitoring the financial information of the building

When you have the supervision over all the financial information of your building, you also have control. With a single glance, you can have a clear picture of the exact financial situation at any given moment: the reserve in the bank and in cash, the total debts, expenses, and credits.


Collection of all receipts and other digital files

You no longer need to search through folders and files for articles of incorporation, notifications, and payment receipts. With Billys, you have everything related to the building gathered in one place, for perfect organization.


Bank transfers

You can make bank transfers directly through Billys and have a detailed overview of the payments you make to third parties on behalf of the building.