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Online payment

Pay your service charges in whichever way suits you best: card, iris, bank transfer, or cash. Our online payment system makes the payment process a breeze. You can view your debts in detail, make payments, and check your payment history, all in one place.


Analysis of expenses and service charges

You have access to the analysis of the distribution of each expense as well as the service charges corresponding to each period, at any time. View what you have paid and what is pending with a glance. Stay informed via email/sms about your balance and the settlement of your payments, whether you pay in cash or by card.


Receipt retrieval

Receive your receipts instantly, both in printed form and through email/sms. You no longer need to wait in order to receive printed receipts from your building manager or worry about losing one. You have all the documentation you need, exactly when you need it.


Online voting

Why let lack of time prevent you from participating in important decisions regarding your building? With the online voting feature, you can initiate a vote yourself and encourage all members of your building to express their opinions on current matters.